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Power Restoration Efforts
Power Restoration Efforts

Summerside Electric Update - 8:30am Sept. 13, 2019
As of this morning there are less than 75 individual locations without power. Crews will continue working around the clock doing repairs. Once we have all power restored to customers we will then begin addressing other issues such trees on power lines, low hanging lines, and many other issues.
Summerside Electric Update - 8:30am, Sept. 12, 2019
Our Summerside crews and St. John Electric crews have been working so hard and they were able to complete major repairs to quite a few roads yesterday. Great job team!
Now that most of the major repairs have been completed they will be moving on to individual customers. We CANNOT GUARANTEE a time as to when we will be at your location for repairs.
- If you've had your mast repaired by an electrician, that electrician NEEDS to follow up with the Electrical Inspection Office to have a pass submitted to us. Your mast will not be connected with out that pass. That office is very quick to get the passes to us one the electrician has contacted them.
***NOTE: Everyone who has called in has been added to the master list. If you have posted on Facebook and you received a reply that "You are on the list" then rest assured you are on the master list.

Summerside Electric Update - 8:30am, Sept. 11, 2019

Work continues today on our primary, secondary services and streets. We do have a master list of individual customers without power and this list is updated with each call. We do not have an estimated time for any repairs.

We would like to ask customers to inspect the mast on your home. This mast is the pole on your home in which the power line from the street pole connects to.

If your mast is damaged, it is your responsibility to contact a private electrical contractor to make repairs first. The City utility crews cannot reconnect services to a damaged mast. We do not want to visit your home only to have to inform you that your mast is damaged and you'll need to repair it before we can return to restore power.

Note: Only once the repairs have been completed can we add you to the list. If you are added to the list and our crew shows up to reconnect your power and you aren’t ready then you have deferred our crew away from someone else’s power getting repaired sooner.
We really appreciate everyone's cooperation and understanding as we work as hard as possible to restore power!

Summerside Electric Update - 8am - Sept. 10th.

We are still dealing with many outages. Our crews have been working through the night and will continue throughout the day to perform repairs. There is still no estimated time as to when services will be repaired. If you have yet to call in your outage, you can do so by calling 902-432-1268. Summerside Electric Outage Update - 11:30 am Sept. 9, 2019
Repairs to the primary service have been completed. Crews are now working on secondary services & individual street outages. This is our current list of streets still experiencing power outages. It does not include individual customer electrical service issues.

Lefurgey Ave,  Beaver Ave, Highland Ave, Poplar Ave, Hawthorne Ave, Court St., Coronation St., Sunshine Trl. Pk., Brophy St. , Norman Dr, Currie Dr , Industrical Cr , Mill Cr , High St. , Manson Ct , Beaton Ave, Sheen St. Crescent Dr. Oak Ave Commerce Cr Wood Ave Maple Ave Campbell St. McGee Dr

City Residents on Maritime Electric Power Update 10:30am - Sept. 9, 2019 All customers in the Read's Corner area have had their services restored. Maritime Electric have 3 crews dispatched to the St. Eleanor's area to restore power to approximately 230 customers.
Outage Update - 6:15pm Sept. 8, 2019
Our crews have made fast work to repair primary services on Circuits 1, 3, 4, 7, 9, 10, & 11. While circuits 2, 5, 6, & 8 have partial primary services restored. Once all primary services have been restored we will begin working on Secondary services and then individual customer outages.
Primary Services are the main distribution lines, with Secondary being shoot offs from it for side streets. I've included maps for Circuits 2, 5, 6, & 8 in the links below. Circuit 2
Circuit 5
Summerside Electric Update - 8:20am


Repairs have begun!

Crews are reporting that there is a lot of damage to power lines, and the distribution system as a whole. At this time it is hard to predict the exact time to restore power to everyone. Our first estimate is that it will take a couple of days to complete all repairs and restore power to everyone.

We appreciate everyone's patience and understanding as our teams work as fast as they can to perform repairs. Every effort will be made to restore power as soon as possible.

Please keep in mind that since it is our power lines that are damaged, even with the electric plant generators running, we would still not be able to deliver power to customers.

We hope everyone continues to stay safe and we will continue to post updates as soon as reports come in!

Circuit 2 MapCircuit 5 MapCircuit 6 MapCircuit 8 Map

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