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Deck, Fence or Swimming Pool Permit


A permit is required for your deck if:

  • you are adding to an existing deck
  • you are repairing a deck over 2’ in height for a single-family dwelling

In addition to a permit, there are several instances where a foundation is required when building/repairing decks:

  • If your deck is more than one storey
  • If your deck is more than 55 square metres (592 square feet)
  • If your deck supports a roof
  • If your deck is attached to another structure

Foundations may consist of a concrete wall or concrete piers, extending a minimum depth of 4’ from finish grade and include a footing. Column base hardware connections are required to connect wood points to concrete piers.

You can use deck blocks when:

  • the deck is not attached to the house
  • the deck is less than 55 square metres (592 square feet)
  • the distance from the finished ground to the top of the deck is not more than 760mm (30”) at any point


Fence Heights
City right of way/Corner lots:
Fences and shrubs must be below 0.75m (2.5ft) in height and cannot be in the City's right of way (including curbs and sidewalks).

You will need a building permit for a fence; however, there is no cost to obtain this permit. Please include with your application a copy of a site plan showing your property lines, buildings, and the proposed fence.

Swimming Pools

A building permit is required to have a swimming pool in your yard; however, there is no cost to obtain this permit.

To ensure the safety of all our residents, you should be aware of the regulations regarding swimming pools. All outdoor swimming pools, or the yard in which a swimming pool is located, shall be completely enclosed so as to prevent uncontrolled access. Specific regulations can be found in the City of Summerside Pool Regulations document below.

To see what the fees are for various building permits, click here

For more information, please contact:

Sandra Corkum
City of Summerside, 275 Fitzroy Street, Summerside, PE Canada C1N 1H9

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