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Fitness Classes

Fitness Classes at the Fit Stop

The Credit Union Place offers a variety of fitness classes for all levels and interests. You can either purchase a Credit Union Place membership, which covers the cost of all fitness classes or pay individually (drop-in fee).

Payments for memberships and fitness classes can be made at the Credit Union Place reception desk.

Classes Currently Offered:

Body Sculpt:
Body Sculpt is a class geared to people on their lunch break from work. We concentrate on strength training moves only with very little cardiovascular exercise. It includes a warm-up, total body strength training section, and a cool-down.

Midday Yoga:
Yoga is designed to unite the mind, body, and spirit using breathing techniques and meditation. Midday yoga is practiced during the lunch hour in order to relieve stress and tension and restore balance for the rest of the day. This is an introductory style of yoga, and is suitable for all skill levels.

Gentle Yoga:
A yoga practice for those who want a softer, more nurturing, slow-paced and well-supported relaxing practice.

Dance Fit:
A group fitness class that incorporates many forms of dance. It's a full body workout that is divided into tracks that provide peaks and troughs of intensity.

A program designed to build strength and fitness through a variety of intense group intervals over a 30 minute period. (Class can be modified to accommodate all fitness levels.)

Multifit Circuit:
Circuit training is a style of body conditioning workout. It is a series of strength and cardio exercises where you cycle through several exercises and take minimal rests.

High Intensity Interval Training is a training technique in which you give all out 100% effort through quick bursts of exercise, followed by short active rest periods.

A fun, fast-paced fitness class that combines elements of boxing, functional training and high intensity interval training for overall conditioning and toning.

Training done predominantly with a barbell, RIP Body Bar trains all muscle groups. Rhythmically driven, every repetition counts, even if it’s an isometric hold. RIP reshapes your body and your strength routine by tackling various speeds, positions and rhythms.

Low impact class that helps increase mobility, flexibility and strength. It also stretches out muscles we often forget about. This class is excellent for anyone but targets those with limited mobility, health issues, or high blood pressure, and anyone who needs support, encouragement and a little motivation to keep active.

For more information, please contact:

Credit Union Place Reception Desk
511 Notre Dame Street, Summerside, PE C1N 1T2

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