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The City of Summerside is currently seeking vendors for the following:


Please note:  Tender Bid openings will be video recorded for public viewing and made available on this page within one week of opening.




Tender No. 2021-SS-RFP-004 Engineering Services Deadline:  Mon., March 15, 2021 at 1:00 pm (AST) as per Addendum 1.
Contact:  Greg Gaudet
For professional engineering services to Summerside Electric for Summerside Sunbank Project
RFP -Substation Maintenance Services Deadline:  Fri., March 12, 2021 at 12:59:59 pm (AST)
Contact:  Gerald Giroux
This RFP is to provide Substation maintenance for Summerside Electric. Service needs would include scope items such as testing, troubleshooting and repairing equipment including (but not limited to) breakers, regulators, transformers, reclosers, etc.
RFP - Read's Corner Lift Station
Addendum #1

Deadline:  Tue., Jan. 12, 2021 at 12:59:59 pm (AST)
Contact:  Tony Gallant
 This RFP is for the replacement the City of Summerside’s Read’s Corner Lift Station. Work under consideration for this will be sizing the new lift station based on existing and future flows and preparing detailed construction drawings for a new submersible sewage pumping station. This duplex or triplex submersible sewage pumping station will consist of a pre-cast concrete wet well and an above-ground enclosure with separate compartments to house the valving and electrical controls. Design of pumping equipment, VFD’s, pump controller, valves, metal fabrications, and related electrical and pipework will be required.  This RFP also includes engineering project management and construction oversight for the lift station to be completed in 2021.
Please email sandra@summerside.ca to register for a copy of the tender documents and any addendums to be sent to your email address. Non-registered tenders will not be opened.

Closed Tenders:


Surplus Equipment Sale: MacLean Sidewalk Machine
Contact:  Brett St.John,

Tender - Armoury Building Renovations - Drywall Assemblies
Contact: Lori Ellis902-786-7432

Surplus Items
Contact: Dave Poirier 902-432-1201

Tender No. 2020-SS-RFP-004 Tree Clearing Services

Contact:  Greg Gaudet  902-439-5776

Surplus Item: 
2009 Ford Cargo Van
Contact: Trent Williams at 902-432-4963

Surplus Item: Engine 3
Contact:  Chief Ron Enman at 902-439-3850

RFP – SaaS for Customer Information System and Implementation
Contact:  Kristen Dunsford

Tender - Eco Park Landscaping
Contact: Tony Gallant 902-888-7888

Tender - Armoury Building Renovations
Contact:  Nick Sharkey

Surplus Items
Contact: Trent Williams, 902-432-4963

Tender - Padmount Transformers
Contact:  Gerald Giroux with technical questions, 902-786-8134.

Tender - CUP Skybox Construction
Contact: Nick Sharkey at nick.sharkey@bellcor.ca

RFP - Multipurpose Sports Dome (Architectural and Engineering Professional Services)
Contact: JP Desrosiers, 902-432-1234

Tender - Level 2 EV Charger Installations
Contact:  Jennifer Nelson902-786-6861

Tender - Armoury Building Elevator
Contact:  Lori Ellis, 902-786-7432

Tender - Highway Salt Delivery

Contact: Roger Ahern, 902-432-1220

Tender - Pope & Greenwood Intersection
Contact:  Gary McInnis, 902-439-4322

Tender  - Building demolition of four downtown core buildings

Contact:  Gary McInnis, 902-439-4322

Tender - Snow Removal 2020
Contact:  Owen MacDonald, 902-439-5322

RFP - Transit Feasibility Study and Operational Model
Contact:  Rob Philpott

RFP - Tender No. 2020 - Substation Upgrade

Contact:  Gerald Giroux at 902-786-8134 or

Request for Quotes: Surplus Items - Assorted Ductwork
Contact: Roger Ahern, 902-432-1220

Tender - Foundation Work - Summerside Armoury
Contact:  Lori Ellis, 902-786-7432

Tender - Roof Replacement - Summerside Armoury
Contact:  Lori Ellis, 902-786-7432

Request for Proposals: "2020-SS-RFP-003 ENGINEERING SERVICES"
Contact:  Greg Gaudet, 902-439-5776

RFP:  Business Directory Update
Contact:  Neil Moore

Detachable Snowblower 2020
Contact:  Brett St.John, 902-888-9234

Tender - Substation Scada

Contact:  Roger Ahern902-432-1220

Tender No. 2020 - Substation Civil Works
Contact:  Gerald Giroux, 902-786-8134

RFP - Playground Equipment 2020

Contact:  Trent Williams

RFP (CS01) 
1- Used 1/2 or 3/4 Ton Truck - 2020
Contact:  Trent Williams

RFP (CS02) 1- Used 1/2 or 3/4 Ton Truck - 2020
Contact:  Trent Williams

RFP (CS03) 1- Used 1/2 or 3/4 Ton Truck - 2020
Contact:  Trent Williams

Fire  Services  Building Roof  Replacement  Project
Contact:  Mike Straw 902.439.2991

RFP - Gateway Signage 2020
Contact:  JP Desrosiers

Tender: 83 Pope Road Backup Generator
Rob Steele, Electrical Operations Supervisor at 902-888-7613

Tender - Credit Union Place Pool Area Re-Tiling

Contact:  Michael D'Agostino, 902-786-6159

Boardwalk Replacement

Contact:  Gary McInnis902-439-4322

Tender: Backhoe Loader
Contact:  Owen MacDonald,  902-439-5322

Tender: Loader Mounted Snow Blower
Contact:  Owen MacDonald, 902-439-5322

Tender - Aerial Lift Truck
Contact:  Roger Ahern902-432-1220

Tender - Substation Civil Work
Contact:  Gerald Giroux902-786-8134.

RFP - Boardwalk Repairs 2020
Contact:  Greg Gaudet902-439-5776

RFP - Seaweed Recovery and Removal - Green Shore 2020
Contact:  Trent Williams, 902-432-4963

RFP - Beach Volleyball Court Sand Replacement - 2020
Contact:  Trent Williams, 902-432-4963

RFP - Sand Remediation and Armor Stone Realignment - Green Shore - 2020

Contact:  Trent Williams, 902-432-4963

Lower Granville Storm
Contact: Gary McInnis, 902-439-4322

Asphalt Patching 2020
Contact: Owen MacDonald, 902-439-5322

Municipal Works Building Renovation
Contact: Brett St. John902-888-9234

Storm Sewer
Contact: Gary McInnis  902.439.4322

RFQ Summerside West Lands
Contact: mike@summerside.ca 902-432-0103

Pickup Truck WPCC 2020

Contact:  Sam Arsenault at 902-888-7752

Ditch Cleaning and Culvert Supply and Installation
Contact: Brett St. John at 902-888-9234

Pickup Truck Municipal Works
Contact: Brett St. John at 902-888-9234

Pickup Truck Power Plant

Contact: Rob Steele at 902-888-7613

Contact: Gary McInnis  902.439.4322

Contact: Gary McInnis  902.439.4322

Sewer Replacement Project
Contact: tony.gallant@city.summerside.pe.ca 902.888.7888

Cedar Street Water Replacement Project
Contact: tony.gallant@city.summerside.pe.ca 902.888.7888

Water Replacement Project 2020
Contact: tony.gallant@city.summerside.pe.ca 902.888.7888

Tender No. 2020-Lighting Controls Upgrade
Contact: Michael D'Agostino 902.786.6159

RFP - System Impact Study: Summerside Sunbank
Greg Gaudet 902-439-5776

RFP - Environmental Screening Report
Contact: Greg Gaudet 902-439-5776

Tender - 1 West Drive Stand-by Generator
Contact: Trent Williams 902-432-4963

RFP - Consultancy Services FDI Lead Generation Europe ICCI 2019

Contact: Mike Thususka 902-432-0103

RFP - Consultancy Services FDI Lead Generation Asia
Contact: Mike Thususka 902-432-0103

RFP - Long Term Financing
Contact: Kristen Dunsford 902-432-9184

Surplus Equipment - Invitation for Quotes

Contact: Darwin Corbett 902-432-9568

RFP - PEIancestry.com website rebuild
Contact: Fred Horne 902-432-1295

Surplus Equipment - Invitation for Quotes
Contact: Brett St. John 902-432-1265


For information about an RFP or the City of Summerside’s Procurement process, contact:

Roger Ahern
Purchasing Agent
Phone: 902-432-1220
City of Summerside, 94 Ottawa Street, Summerside, PE C1N 1H9

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