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The City of Summerside is currently seeking vendors for the following:





RFP - PEIancestry.com website rebuild 12:00 pm AST
Wed., November 13, 2019

Fred Horne
 Click HERE for all details.
Surplus Equipment -
Oct. 25, 2019
Invitation for Quotes
1:00 pm AST, Thu., November 7, 2019
Darwin Corbett
 Quote forms are available from:
     The City of Summerside
     Municipal Services
     94 Ottawa Street
     Summerside, PE

Or please click HERE for all details.

RFP - Long Term Financing 3:59:59pm AST, Wednesday,
November 13, 2019

Kristen Dunsford, CPA, CGA
Manager of Financial Services
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Closed Tenders:

Surplus Equipment - Invitation for Quotes
Contact: Brett St. John 902-432-1265

Invitation to Tender - 2019 Electrical Distribution Transformers
Contact: Roger Ahern 902-432-1220

Proposals for the provision of 
Audit Services and ancillary accounting matters
Contact: Kristen Dunsford, CPA, CGA 902-432-9184

Tender: Storm Sewer / Sewer main and Structure Cleaning and videoing 2019
Contact: Gary McInnis 902-439-4322

Fire Services Building Partial Roof Repair 2019
Contact: nick.sharkey@bellcor.ca 902-303-1333

Fire Engine (Triple Combination Pumper) - 2019
Contact:  Roger Ahern 902-432-1220

Highway Salt Delivery 2019-2020
Contact:  Roger Ahern 902-432-1220

2019 Tow Behind Generator
Contact: Brett St. John 902-888-9234

Tender: 2019 Electrical Distribution Transformers
Contact:  Roger Ahern 902-432-1220

Request for Quotation: 
Colour Printer/ Scanner/Copier
Contact: Fred Horne 902-432-1295

Tender: 2019 - Vacuum Truck Sweeper
Contact: Owen MacDonald 902-439-5322

Tender: Storm Sewer Phase II - Addendum I
Contact: Gary McInnis 902-439-4322

RFQ: Color Printer/Copier
contact: Michael Thususka: mike@summerside.ca

RFP: St Eleanors Community Center Complex-Roof Replacement 2019

Contact: trent.williams@city.summerside.pe.ca  902-432-4963

Boardwalk Replacement 2019 (Addendum 1, Addendum 2)
Contact: Gary McInnis 902-439-4322

RFP: Substation Transformer​ (​Addendum #1
Addendum #2)
Contact:  Gerald Giroux 902-786-8134

Networking Equipment Replacement
Contact: Jason Muttart 902 432-0003

Overhead Pedestrian Lights 2019
Contact: Gary McInnis 902-439-4322

Boardwalk Repairs 2019 Project
Contact: Trent Williams 902-432-4963

Office 365 - Exchange Hybrid Configuration
Contact: Jason Muttart 902 432-0003

FDI Market Research and Competitive Modelling 2019
Contact: Mike Thususka, 902-432-0103

FDI Business Marketing and Promotion 2019
Contact: mike@summerside.ca, 902-432-0103

2019 Electric Cars
Contact: Roger Ahern, 902-432-1220 or  Sam Arsenault 902-432-1274​

Summerside Soil Amendment Marketing and Distribution Contract
Contact: Sam Arsenault 902-432-1274

Sewer 2019
Contact: Tony Gallant 902-888-7888

Replacement Curb
Contact: Gary McInnis 902-439-4322

Water 2019
Contact: Tony Gallant 902-888-7888​

Storm Sewer
Contact: Gary McInnis 902-439-4322

Contact: Gary McInnis  902-439-4322

 Paving 2019 
Contact: Gary McInnis 902-439-4322

 RFP - St Eleanors Lions Club Renovations
Contact: Rob Philpott 902-439-8055

RFP - CUP facility condition assessment
Contact: JP Desrosiers 902-439-1920

Tender - South Drive Power Line Upgrade
Contact:  Gerald Giroux 902-786-8134

Tender - Biosolids/Seaweed Road Water & Sewer
Contact:  Tony Gallant 902-888-7888

Tender - Overhead Pedestrian Lights
Contact: Gary McInnis 902-439-4322

RFP - Long Term Financing 2018
Contact: Kristen Dunsford 902-432-9184

RFP - Electrical Capacity Resource Plan 2018
Contact: Key Murray Law 902-436-4851

Tender - Water St & South Dr Realignment & New Street
Contact: Gary McInnis 902-439-4322

Tenders - Power Plant Retaining Wall Repair
Closed. Rob Steele 902-888-7613

Tender - Electrician Bucket Truck
Closed. Rob Steele  902-888-7613

Tender - Sidewalks
Closed. Gary McInnis 902-439-4322

Tender - Curb
Closed. Gary McInnis 902-439-4322

Tender - Water & Sewer Project
Closed. Tony Gallant  902-888-7888​

Tender - Asphalt Patching
Ryan Blacquiere 902-888-9234

RFP - Water Tower Rehabilitation
Closed. Tony Gallant

Tender - Storm Sewers
Closed. Gary McInnis 902-439-4322

Tender - Replacement Network Equipment
Closed. Jason Muttart 902-432-0003

Tender - Line Truck Computers
Closed. Jason Muttart 902-432-0003

Tender - Culvert supply-installation and ditch cleaning
Closed. Contact: Ryan Blacquiere 902-888-9234

Tender - Paving
Closed.Contact: Gary McInnis 902-439-4322

RFP - Photocopier (Police Services)
Closed. Kristen Dunsford 902-432-9184

RFP - Sand Remediation - Green Shore
Closed. Trent Williams 902-432-4963

RFP - Dectron Compressor Install
Closed. Maurice Gallant 902-439-2675

Tender - Rubber Tired Front End Wheel Loader
Contact: Owen MacDonald 902-439-5322

RFP - FDI Market Research and Modelling Tool
Closed. Contact Mike Thususka 902-432-0103

RFP - FDI Lead Generation United Kingdom
Closed. Contact Mike Thususka 902-432-0103

RFP - FDI Lead Generation Japan Korea China
Closed. Contact Mike Thususka 902-432-0103

RFP - FDI Business Marketing and Promotion
Closed. Contact Mike Thususka 902-432-0103

RFP - Splash Pad - 2018
Closed. Contact Trent Williams

RFP - All Inclusive Playground Equipment - 2018
Closed. Contact Trent Williams

RFP - Playground Equipment - 2018
Closed. Contact Trent Williams

Tender Call - 1 Hybrid Pole/Wire Trailer
Closed. Contact Robert Nicholson or  902-432-9568

Tender Call - 1 Line Conductor Puller
Closed. Contact Robert Nicholson or  902-432-9568


For information about an RFP or the City of Summerside’s Procurement process, contact:

Roger Ahern
Purchasing Agent
Phone: 902-432-1220
City of Summerside, 94 Ottawa Street, Summerside, PE C1N 1H9

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